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Illini Media is a nonprofit company founded in 1911 and is sustained by the generous contributions of advertisers, Illinois student fees, Illio yearbook sales, our alumni and friends.

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Illini Media’s mission is to provide a unique experiential learning environment
to complement University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s academic areas;
to prepare Illinois students for future careers in print and digital media,
broadcast, marketing, public relations, sales, fundraising and business;
and to inform, enlighten and entertain the Illinois campus community.

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We love what we do, and we love where we work.

“I won’t bury the lede: My four years of experience editing, designing and reporting for The Daily Illini are the reason I have a career in journalism. Six months after graduation day, I accepted a job as a breaking news reporter at a major metropolitan daily newspaper I interned at over the summer — a jump-start granted by the connections I made and the skills I honed while working at the DI.”

JILL DISIS • The Daily Illini Editor in Chief, 2011-2012, Reporter, CNN
“When I was considering running for WPGU Program Director in 2010, I remember Jon Hansen (the Operations Manager at WPGU) telling me: “Nick, you want this job. This job will get you your first job after school — even if you leave radio”. He was right, and I did choose stay in radio. I was able to interview, and later get the job with CBS Radio, because of the networking WPGU afforded me. I owe my very young career to Illini Media and the people around it.”
NICK JONES • WPGU Program Director & Student Sales Manager, Class of 2011, Account Executive, CBS Radio Digital
“Although I work at a TV station now, my experience at The Daily Illini is proving to be super helpful. We’re focusing more and more on writing stories for the Web, so having worked at the DI makes what I have to do now a lot easier.”
DARSHAN PATEL • The Daily Illini Editor in Chief, 2012-2013, Producer at KCRG-TV9 Cedar Rapids
“Over my four years working at Illini Media, I’ve been able to expand my industry skill set to where I feel incredibly more confident going into the workforce. The exceptional training and experience I have gained here has been a vital part of my college career.”
JAMES FLETCHER • Production Assistant and Lead CreativeWorks Designer, 2012-2016
My years working with the Illio were the most memorable I spent during my days at U of I. The learning experiences I had at Illini Media created some amazing career opportunities, including my current position at Balfour.

RYAN ALMON • Illio editor in chief, 1994-95, Senior Sales Representative, Balfour

I graduated from The Daily Illini. It’s the place where I learned the most about journalism, about leadership — and about myself.

ANN DWYER • The Daily Illini, Reporter and editor, 1986-89, Editor, Crain's Chicago Business
“WPGU 107.1 FM defined my college career. Not only did I have the incredible experience of being on-air and hosting a morning show on a rock station, but as Program Director I was able to implement strategies and ideas with real implications. I quickly adapted to managing people, budgets, and working with our sister media outlets under the Illini Media umbrella. To this day, I am constantly drawing from my experiences at Illini Media and WPGU to inform my decision making process at my current job.”

ERIK HASENBERG • WPGU Program Director, Client Solutions Executive, AT&T National Business - Small Business Solutions