Illini Media

Hall of Fame

Class of 2023

Illini Media proudly presents our 2023 Hall of Fame inductees. We are excited to continue the momentum of recognizing our illustrious alumni through the Illini Media Hall of Fame – and telling their inspirational stories for the future generations of Illini Media students.

The class of 2023 includes best-selling authors who have covered the blight of U.S. mass murders and have established new genres that combine futurism and world cultures. We have reporters who have covered the full range of major global stories over the decades, including the first reporter to gain access to the Fukushima nuclear power plant at the one-year anniversary of the 2011 Japan earthquake and tsunami. Journalists who shifted careers to take leadership roles in the nonprofit sector to tackle social justice issues join iconic names in Chicago and state-wide Illinois radio and TV, and a documentarian who received a 2023 Grammy.

This group of 10 inductees has been chosen by our Selection Committee in recognition of their distinguished professional careers and contributions to Illini Media as students, professional staff and alumni. 

Anita Banerji

Dave Cullen

Andrea Darlas

Ed Epstein

Jim Grimes

Kyung Lah

Nnedi Okorafor

Wendy Rice

Erika Rosenberg

Ryan Suffern

We hope you can join us in celebration of the honorees during our Hall of Fame Luncheon in Chicago on Saturday, April 29, 2023.

Congratulations to all of our amazing inductees, and thanks to all of those who submitted nominations!

We will see you in April!