2023 Battle of the Decades


A word from the voice of Chicago (and Illini) sports…


No matter when you attended the U of I, you’re probably convinced that you and your classmates were the best ever at the DI, WPGU or the Illio and that your decade was also the greatest.

Now, through the Battle of the Decades, you can prove it.

It’s simple – donate a minimum of $25 and build team spirit by getting other alums from your age group to also give. Of course, gifts of more than $25 are most welcome to aid our mission of strengthening independent student media on the Urbana-Champaign campus for decades to come. The competition runs through Nov. 27.

The winning team will be the one that recruits the most alums from their era, so the key will be reaching out to all your friends and colleagues from your time at the DI, WPGU and the Illio. You’ll be able to follow how the teams are doing by checking in on the Illini Media Alumni Network account on Facebook to see the running score.

We’ve divided our alums into five teams by age groups, each with catchy names and team captains who are eager to build team spirit and help find Illini Media alums who’ve gone missing over the years so we can add people to our mailing list.

Reach out to your captains below. to help them build a winning team. If you need contact information for any of them, reach out to [email protected].

Decade(s) Team Name Captain(s)
Pre-1980s The Medicare Media Mob Frank Hachmann and Louise Gilmore Donahue
1980s The 80s Strike Back Donna Gordon Blankinship
1990s Smells Like Team Spirit Susan Santoro
2000s From Y2K to That is Cray Stephanie Lulay, Jon Hansen and Joe Lamberson
2010s/20s Occupy Green Street Liz Shields Kalkowski

Donate today using the button below. Every dollar helps your team win (and helps Illini Media Company)


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