The Daily Illini

University of Illinois:
Class of 1993

Sean Long created the first all-student-run television show at UIUC in the 1990s called The College Box, a music video show that went from cable access to the local NBC affiliate. This accomplishment was covered by Illini Media, including the cover story for the TV Guide insert of The Daily Illini. Since then, Sean has won two Midwest Emmy awards, one for producing a documentary on Bernie Mac and the other for a series on Black History Month. He produced and directed the #1 worldwide selling DVD, “Tupac Shakur: Before I Wake.” Sean is currently Corporate Director of Programming for Weigel Broadcasting, with stations in Chicago (CW, ME-TV), Milwaukee (CBS), and South Bend.

This bio was written at the time of Sean Long’s inauguration into the 2022 Illini Media Hall of Fame.